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[acc_item title=”What is your turnaround time?”]Fast. 5-7 days from order approval is standard. Rush service is also available. We have next day shipping from our main garment supplier, therefore if you have your order approved by 12:00PM, it is possible to have it printed the following day. It is always better and less expensive to plan ahead though.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Can I mix/match colors, sizes, and garment types?”]Absolutely. With a few exceptions (pertaining to the artwork being printed) we can accommodate almost any combination of garments.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”What affects the price of my order?”]A number of things will affect your final cost.

  • Number of garments
  • Price per garment goes down considerably with a larger quantity
  • Number of colors in the artwork. (This is the easiest to adjust. Ask us how.)
  • Garments:
    Shirts are like cars. There are Corvette’s, and there are Toyota’s and then there are Geo’s.
    The absolute least expensive option you can go with is a large quantity of medium weight – white shirts printed with one color of ink in one location. We provide the customer a photo of every shirt quoted so they can get an idea of what the garment will look like.


[acc_item title=”What type of art files can I use?”]It is important to start with the highest quality artwork available for your screen printing order. This is YOUR image or idea, so care must be taken in order to reproduce it accurately for your project. Generally this means a high resolution raster image, or a vector file. Some file types to look for are:

Vector: 200-300 dpi  (.ai, .eps, .cdr .pdf)

Raster: 300-600 dpi (.psd, .tif, .bmp)

Files NEVER accepted: Web images 72 dpi, or any copyright infringed artwork & a.jpg ( these files are for art viewing purposes only)

If scanning an original drawing, change settings to 600 DPI, and adjust brightness/contrast to account for scanner differences.
(You want the scanned file to appear as close to the original as possible) A good test for your image is to print it out at the size you want on your garments. If it appears grainy or pixellated, it is not suitable for screen printing. This will be the case with ALL web images. Do not despair however, read on. If a high quality file or scan is not available, a redraw is in order. Prices will vary depending upon complexity of artwork, and will be quoted at time of order.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”How do I choose size and placement of my artwork?”]This is an area where our expertise will come in handy. Send us your art, tell us where you want it, and we will send you a proof with it sized and placed accordingly. Every design is different, and it takes experience to know what will work.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”What ink colors are available?”]Any. Quite literally. If we don’t have it already in stock, we will mix it up. We use a Pantone Matching system that allows us to mix virtually any color you can specify. Exact Pantone matches are available.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Do you have specialty inks?”]Sure do. Metallic, glitter, discharge, suede, ultrasoft and more.
Check out our special effects page for more info.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Do you guarantee your work?”]
Certainly. We stand behind our products, and will do what is necessary to satisfy you. We take every precaution possible (requiring approved proofs before printing) to avoid miscommunications. If we make a mistake we will take care of it.[/acc_item]